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Protect the Brain Campaign is on a mission to advance the field of brain health.

Join Us As We Protect the Brain, Head On!

  • Wed Dec 12 23:09:00 GMT 2018
  • San Diego
  • Author Leandra Boysen

Protect the Brain Campaign is on a mission to advance the field of brain health through education and awareness of baseline brain assessments to complement brain health, brain wellness, and mental health.
In regard to brain health, due to the subjective nature of the current symptomatic and performance return-to-play protocols, physicians can now enjoy an objective measurement of brain physiology to help them in their return-to-play decisions.

As for brain wellness, there is a growing body of research focusing on both improving mental function and preventing a premature mental decline in aging. PTB includes brain health assessments as common practice in physicals, allowing physicians to better understand brain health and make decisions necessary for the preventative health and wellness of their patients. Additional objective screening tools are needed for behavioral and mental health, but these tools must be assessable to the patient and respect the clinical judgment of the practitioner. By collaborating with longitudinal data, better screening tools can be developed allowing physicians to better assess behavioral issues.

We invite you to join us as we protect the brain, head on! With your help, we can (and will) provide important brain assessments to the community and be apart of a revolutionizing the world of brain health, wellness, and behavioral management. We sincerely hope you take this campaign into consideration as we depend greatly on the support of members of the local community. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please visit us online at:


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