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Beyond Benefits


Beyond Benefits

The skyrocketing employee benefits rates have been a concern for the past several years, especially for life science companies with fewer than 100 employees, who are stuck with age-based rates. Under a Trust, multiple companies come together as a common entity, giving them access to richer benefit plans at more affordable rates. Our Beyond Benefits Trust, designed for Biocom members, does just this.

With more than 250 life science companies and over 20,000 employees and dependents enrolled, the Beyond Benefits Trust allows member companies to attract key talent and protect their bottom line. Compared to market trend rate increases exceeding 12% each year, Beyond Benefit's 6% five-year trend is well below rates experienced outside the Trust. And the results don't stop there.

Biocom Member Benefits

  • Preferred, low rates and security advantages of a large group year after year
  • Choice, flexibility and efficiency in plans
  • Several rich benefit plan designs to select from, offered by best-in-class-insurers
  • Superior customer service and value-added resources
  • Simplified administration – one invoice and one contact for all plans with the Trust


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