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Welcome to You(r) Biocom: A Year-Long Campaign Aimed at Showcasing Member-Driven Programs that accelerate life science success.

May Feature: Unite

Discover together. You(r) Biocom unites California’s life science industry with global leaders and emerging verticals, keeping the world’s strongest life science regions in lockstep with the next wave of innovation

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About You(r) Biocom
For nearly 25 years, Biocom members have been instrumental in shaping transformative programming and powerful advocacy that enriches California’s leading life science industry. This year, we’ll be featuring some of our member-driven programs and initiatives that help researchers, investors and advocates alike in our mission to accelerate California’s largest, most innovative network of life science clusters in the world. Stay tuned every month for new ways to take advantage of your Biocom membership benefits.



California and beyond

Uniting Regions in California

As a Biocom member, you are part of the community helping to unite California’s life science journey, bringing together three top geographical regions for research and discovery. In the Bay Area, the birthplace of biotechnology, Biocom and our members have placed an emphasis on cluster-building to unite the nine counties and six life science micro-clusters. Biocom works with members as well as our Bay Area Advisory Committee to promote the industry and host targeted conferences, expert committees, industry-focused meetings, scientific roundtables, venture capital days and member-to-member networking events. To address the greatest challenge of the region, the lack of a single geographical center, we rotate our events throughout the greater Bay Area in a broad range of locations, times and venues.

Further south, Biocom’s mission to unite and elevate the profile of Los Angeles’ life science industry has borne fruit over the past three years. Just last month, Biocom’s Executive Director, LA Office, Dina Lozofsky, was appointed to the BioLA Board of Directors. Dina, along with Biocom, will be instrumental in steering BioLA in their mission to work with research hospitals, trade associations, academic institutions, startups, mature companies, investors, and agencies to foster entrepreneurial capacity, economic growth, and pace of innovation within LA County.

Back at headquarters, Biocom’s 25-year roots in San Diego have provided a proven foundation for cluster-building and a continuing determination to migrate programming and initiatives through regional teams that help tailor those efforts to the needs of our members.

International Opportunity

Last month, Biocom President and CEO Joe Panetta made his quarterly trip to Japan to meet with leaders of Japan’s own thriving life science industry. Biocom’s Japan connection, which includes our unique Japan Consulting program and office in Tokyo, helps members from both sides of the Pacific Rim navigate transpacific partnerships, identify viable technologies and organize meetings. For the last several years, we have hosted a Japanese delegation at our Global Partnering Conference. We’ll be traveling to BioJapan again this October with select members to exhibit and connect at Asia’s premier partnering event for the global biotechnology industry.  

Biocom’s international history has also produced working MOUs uniting California with many life science-rich regions, including Australia, the United Kingdom, France and China. In addition, partnerships with EuroBiomed and OneNucleus help open up new avenues for members seeking global connectivity.



Leveraging the Biocom network

1,200 Members and Counting

Biocom’s rapid growth to 1,200 members—a direct correlation to the rapid pace of California’s leading life science industry—expands the platform for members to voice their unique needs and push for greater savings, support and solutions.

Across our key pillars of Public Policy, Strategic Sourcing Solutions, Capital Development, Networking and Workforce Development, our members play a key role in informing our direction. Networking events, committees and capital development programs have seen significant upticks in both frequency and attendance as more members join our community with the goal of sharing best practices and accelerating California’s life science success.

Meanwhile, our group purchasing team negotiates even greater savings and exclusive benefits as membership grows, while our public policy efforts deliver more informed positions to legislators backed by an increasingly diverse group of organizations.

Thought Leadership

Last month, Biocom and Thermo Fisher Scientific hosted a second State of the Union on Global Insights from the World Leader in Serving Science in both the Bay Area and San Diego. The events, which featured a CEO Dinner with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s own CEO Marc Casper in the Bay, and a summit, showcase and CEO dinner with Thermo Fisher Scientific Executive Vice President and COO Mark Stevenson in San Diego, were recent examples of the unique and impactful thought leadership programs we’re capable of delivering when we leverage the power of 1,200 members.

The Biocom network is constantly growing, with each individual bringing a wealth of information and experience to lift California’s life science industry to the next wave of innovation. This month’s event calendar features CEO and CFO-specific events as well as a CRO event on clinical trials and a discussion of startup funding options in Los Angeles.