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Jimmy Jackson

Senior Vice President and Chief Policy Officer

Jimmy Jackson is the Senior Vice President and Chief Policy Officer for Biocom. In this role, he oversees government affairs, policy development and policy-related programming for Biocom. In his time at Biocom, the scope of the government affairs department has expanded tremendously, now having significant presences at the federal, state and local levels.

Prior to Biocom, Jackson served as staff to the California Legislature for fourteen years; the last seven years as the Chief of Staff for State Senator Dede Alpert (retired), former Chair of the California State Senate Appropriations Committee, overseeing operation of her offices in both San Diego and Sacramento. Jackson was the staff person responsible for several bills which became law, including SB 148 of 1998 (insurance coverage for medical foods and formulas used in treatment of PKU), SB 1360 of 1997 (rights of families of murder victims), and SB 1855 of 2004 (disclosures for homeowners insurance policies). He has also participated in compromise language negotiations on many pieces of legislation since joining Biocom.

Jackson has also been active in the community. He has served as a volunteer for the American Red Cross, and is a past winner of the Cabrillo Award, the highest volunteer honor of the San Diego Chapter of the Red Cross. He has also served as Chair of the Board of both the Children’s PKU Network (a national non-profit) and the Crime Victims Fund (a local non-profit).


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