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Biocom California.

Accelerating life science. Today. Tomorrow. Every day.


Meet the New Biocom California

The world has changed… and so have we. After 25 years of advocating for California’s life science industry, we’ve rebranded to accelerate our growth, communicate our statewide vision, and reinforce our leadership across the state and beyond. We’ve evolved, adapted, and grown to meet the needs of our members over the last 25 years — deliver advocacy, savings, capital, talent, and community to every region of California. We’re leading California’s life science industry forward for the next 25 and beyond.

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Our Story

Biocom California is the indisputable leader in accelerating life science in California. We accelerate our members’ success by advocating for innovation, removing barriers to doing business, and connecting people, talent, and capital. We represent a place where revolutionary research is routine and fearless innovation is business as usual. A home for those with the audacity to think they can change the world. Because California is more than a spot on the map—it’s a state of mind. A state of progress.

We’re here to set the stage for innovation and clear the way for breakthroughs. To help our members push the boundaries of what’s possible. Today. Tomorrow. Every day. United by a single purpose: Accelerating Life Science. So here’s to all of us, and another 25 years in the pursuit of progress.

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An identity in motion.

Our burst concept is responsive and emotive. It’s about bringing acceleration and life science – to life. It gives us a ‘B’ silhouette, but also a unique graphic language that’s scientific and full of energy. It’s unique and flexible, able to adapt to use-cases and subject matter, yet in its primary form, represents the optimism and innovation of California’s life science ecosystem. Download our new Proud Biocom California Member badge for use in your assets below.

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Moving our members forward

Get to know Biocom California’s 5 core operations that help connect and move our members forward.

Public Policy
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We drive advocacy and public policy that moves California’s life sciences forward.

Life Science Events & Networking
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We facilitate networking events and partner with members to foster community.

Capital Development
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Working on behalf of our members, we connect companies with venture capital that brings their discoveries to life.

Purchasing Group
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With over 30 supplier contracts, our proven resource chain saves members up to 25x their annual dues.

Biocom California Institute
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Our 501(c)(3) arm that aims to strengthen our local and state-wide workforce and shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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Join Biocom California’s community of life science companies that make an impact every day.