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How centrexIT Made Expansion a Breeze by Creating a Standard IT Acquisition Plan

  • 2018-01-22
  • Author: Heather Ramsay

Room to Grow: The Balboa Nephrology Medical Group builds its top-quality care on engaged patients, accessible staff and operational excellence. That’s why we’ve built such a strong relationship; while we work in different industries, our approaches are in total sync.

BNMG opened its doors in 1973 as part of San Diego Internal Medicine, with two physicians treating patients with kidney disease and illnesses related to it. When we first started working together in 2004, IT issues were frustrating the group’s expansion goals.

The Problem: Balboa Nephrology grows largely through acquisitions of other clinics. Those clinics often have complicated legacy IT systems, and BNMG spent heavily to maintain them.

We spent the first 90 days migrating all of the group’s data to our private data center. We built a new, scalable infrastructure for them, so they could grow and bring in new data without worrying about downtime. We also helped them work with a vendor to move all their paper files to electronic health records.

The Solution: With a simple, scalable system in place, we’ve drastically reduced the cost and time acquisitions require. Before partnering with centrex, clinic managers spent half of every day on IT issues. We improved efficiency so thoroughly that the group could operate with fewer support personnel in each clinic.

Balboa Nephrology Medical Group has grown to the third-largest nephrology group in the country, with 16 clinical offices across Southern California and more than 40 board-certified doctors. But they’ve never outgrown centrexIT. We work with the BNMG executive team in strategic planning sessions to scope out future IT deployments and tackle any concerns. The group’s leaders know they can continue their impressive growth with our help.

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