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Introducing: Cancer Guardian™, Hereditary Screening and Cancer Support Benefits for Biocom Members

  • 2019-02-02
  • Author: Heather Ramsay

Biocom is proud to announce the newest addition to the Biocom Purchasing Group portfolio of savings, making Biocom the first life science trade association to offer a cancer support program in the genomic revolution: Cancer Guardian, Powered by Wamberg Genomic Advisors.

Cancer Guardianis a new innovative, high-touch support program powered by Wamberg Genomic Advisors (WGA) that empowers an individual to identify their genetic risk to cancer and address the challenges presented when dealing with the diagnosis. Cancer Guardian solves the problem of awareness, access, and affordability to services that can help improve prevention and survival. Discover how your genes impact your health, your risk for cancer, heart disease and how your body processes different medications.

This new Biocom program provides Biocom members and their families exclusive discounts and access to the dedicated resources, compassionate support, technology and Advanced DNA Testing needed to effectively navigate cancer, while improving chances for survival.

Structures & Features of the new program:
  1. Cancer Support Specialists
  2. Advanced DNA Testing
  3. Medical Records Platform
Cancer Support Services:
  • The Cancer Guardian Information Line: Expertise for any cancer-related questions, available to employees and their family members at any time
  • Dedicated Cancer Support Specialist (CSS) will be assigned upon reporting a cancer diagnosis: Personalized orientation assessment, customized information & resource pack, onsite nurse navigator and second opinion pathology review
Advanced DNA Testing:
  • Cancer Guardian participants receive immediate access to hereditary genetic screening upon enrollment in the program.
  • This genetic screening provides participants with insights into their risk for cancer, heart disease, and how their body processes certain commonly-prescribed medications.
  • Additionally, participants who are diagnosed with cancer, after enrolling in the program, receive access to Advanced DNA Testing of their cancer to help identify the best course of treatment, including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trials.
  • Up to three tests per individual are included in the program. This type of DNA testing is not typically included in the standard of care, nor is it covered by health insurance, potentially costing an individual more than $7,000 per test, out of pocket.
  • ROI: Personalized health enables early detection, improves outcomes, and reduces treatment costs
Medical Records Platform:
  • Cancer Guardian includes a medical records storage platform to help you create a secure profile of your medical history or health condition. Simply upload your medical data and securely connect with your Cancer Support Specialist and medical team.
  • A secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based solution for storing and transmitting medical records, for any condition, at any time. The technology gives patients the freedom to connect with doctors, clinics, family members, insurance providers and their Cancer Support Specialist in a convenient and efficient way.
  • Easy upload of medical data, video consultations and user friendly navigation interface

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