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Now More Than Ever – The Need for a Managed Travel Program

  • 2020-04-17
  • Author: Heather Ramsay

COVID-19 has disrupted the entire travel industry. The importance of a managed travel program has never been more important that is today. We know travel will be back to normal in the near future, so this is the time implement a proven system of travel management.

Duty of Care

  • Where are my Travelers?
  • How can I communicate with all of them?

Travel Management

Aer Travel, the official travel management company of the Biocom PG, partners with SAP Concur to provide your company the best-in-class travel automation and travel management.

30-Day Test Drive

Aer Travel and SAP Concur are offering Biocom members a special incentive to get started with a 30-day, no obligation, no cost implementation. What does this mean? No costs to program Concur and Aer Travel systems, no cost to setup, maintain and train your users, no fees for 60 days. If plans are for you to grow in size, you can be confident that you will have the best-in-class programs to manage every dollar you spend.

Join us for an informative, important discussion on managing your corporate travel by signing up for a live webinar today:

Duration: 45 Minutes

Cost: Free

Featured Speakers:

  • Gil Saidy | President Aer Travel, Inc.
  • Turean Yamada |Sales Director, Western USA, SAP/Concur


  • Duty of Care
  • SAP Concur—the leading policy-compliant travel booking and expense platform
  • Traveler efficiency tools
  • Real time map of all travelers’ locations
  • Easily message anyone on the road or about to travel
  • Travel Services –
    • We’ll get you home – changes, reissued tickets, waived airline fees
    • Experienced and talented team
    • Worldwide 24/7 coverage
    • Manage and reuse cancelled non-refundable tickets
  • Custom reporting and reconciliation