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Mapping Retirement & Executive Benefits with RetirementDNA for Biotech & Life Science Leaders

  • 2019-10-15
  • Author: Brittney Morales

As the Biocom Purchasing Group’s premiere supplier of 401(k) plans, executive benefit plans, and employee financial education, RetirementDNA provides Biocom members with the ability to improve their 401(k) plan or start a new one while saving money, enhancing quality, adding essential employee education programs, and meeting key fiduciary requirements.

Introducing: DNA(k)
RetirementDNA’s DNA(k) is a 401(k) plan thoughtfully designed for Biocom members. DNA(k) was built with the goal of simplified fiduciary oversight and support, investment selection and monitoring, and comprehensive employee financial education and guidance. The DNA(k) plan offers comprehensive fiduciary support, preferred pricing for Biocom members, advisor & consulting services from RetirementDNA/RBG, administrative services from National Benefit Services, and record-keeping services and marketing support from OneAmerica®.

Custom 401(k) Solutions
Selecting and designing the ideal retirement plan is a complicated and time-consuming task. For companies that may desire an added level of customization, RetirementDNA is here to help! They provide a five-part retirement plan analysis to comprise an effective strategy to help you assess your plan and identify any areas of improvement. And they’ll also conduct a complementary RFP on your behalf that compares the key service differences and negotiated pricing from all of the top 401k recordkeepers in the industry. Their goal is to meet the unique needs of all Biocom members and your plan participants.

Employee Financial Wellness
Whether you choose the DNA(k) or a Custom 401(k) Solution, you will have access to their award-winning financial wellness program. RetirementDNA’s financial wellness program goes well beyond the basic enrollment meeting and delivers customized on- and off-line group education, as well as 1:1 consultation with an unbiased licensed financial advisor. Through their dedicated method and periodic check-ins, RetirementDNA’s "mentors" can bond with employees and create a financial plan to help reach their desired outcomes.

To learn more about DNA(k), and which plan might be best for your company and your employees, you can contact Tia Duraj, Client Relations Manager, at [email protected] or 858-200-4858.