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centrexIT Webinar: “Thrive with Microsoft 365 in the New Digital Age”

  • 2020-10-09
  • Author: Heather Ramsay

Thrive with Microsoft 365 in the New Digital Age

In our September 2020 webinar, centrexIT and Klarinet Solutions reviewed how to use Microrosoft 365 to save money, get cyber-safe, and increase team performance with next-generation collaboration tools. Watch the webinar recording to find out how the consolidated approach with Microsoft 365 acts as a $1 million solution for small and medium-sized businesses…at a fraction of the cost.

Webinar Details

How to Thrive In The New Digital Age | The Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace: The $1M solution for a fraction of the cost

Webinar co-hosts

Nicholas Wenz, Virtual Chief Information Officer at centrexIT

Daniel Amaro, Managing Partner at Klarinet Solutions

Webinar Summary

Microsoft 365: The Consolidated Approach: How consolidating technologies offers more business value at a lower price point.

Security-first Methodology: How cybersecurity is built into the digital workplace design to safeguard businesses from the rising number of threats.

Productivity & Collaboration: How option-rich collaboration tools will take your business to the next level.

Topics & Timestamps

Overview: The Challenge in Today’s Business World: 2.33

Microsoft 365: The Consolidated Approach: 4:05

Overview: The Traditional Workspace: 5:48

Overview: The Digital Workplace: 7:48

The Point Solution Cost Model vs The Platform Solution Model: 16:08

Case Study #1, 43 Users: 17:42

Case Study #2, 237 Users: 18:32

Case Study #3, 640 Users: 19:37

Security-first Methodology & Overview of Threat Landscape: 20:42

Overview: Microsoft 365 and Security-first: 23:30

Overview: Productivity & Collaboration: 25:16

LIVE Collaboration Demo: 27:00

Wrap-up: 41:46

Q&A: 43:33

Webinar Recording

Watch the full webinar recording here.