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New Office Supply Contract

  • 2015-10-29
  • Author: Heather Ramsay

After an enduring six-month process, Office Depot re-emerged as the endorsed Platinum Supplier of Office Supplies for the Biocom Membership. A huge shout out to all committee members involved for their time, patience and perseverance in this monumental bid.

Some highlights from the new negotiated contract include almost double the items incorporated on the Core List, 8-12% lower pricing on top purchased core list items, an increase from 20 to 50 Custom Core List items for members under $50k annual spend, an invoice rebate for point of sale orders and up to 20% off web retail price on Business Select catalog items.

An emphasis was also made on additional customer service and enhanced terms and conditions for Biocom members. For more information on the new contract, contact George Bonaros today.

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