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Preserve Sample Integrity with the Fisherbrand™ Portfolio of Products

  • 2019-10-01
  • Author: Brittney Morales

The Fisherbrand™ Portfolio is Growing with You.

Biocom and the Fisher Scientific™ team are working together to give you access to an unequaled catalog of laboratory items, as well as customer support and competitive pricing to help you stretch your budget.

Now available to you through the Biocom and Fisher Scientific™ partnership, you can reliably protect sample integrity and preserve your cell cultures with value-packed Fisherbrand products, such as the Fisherbrand Cryo/Freezer Boxes, and Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ -86°C Ultra-Low-Temperature Chest Freezers.

From durable and reliable to low cost and high performance, the Fisherbrand Preservation Portfolio will help preserve your cultures with integrity.

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Get the Most out of Your Agreement:

The Fisher Scientific™ channel is the exclusive Biocom supplier for lab consumables, supplies and equipment, scientific instruments, life sciences tools, supply chain optimization, R&D collaboration, and production solutions.