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Social Distancing Space Planning for Biocom Members

  • 2020-04-15
  • Author: Heather Ramsay

Cultura is 100% operational and here to support Biocom members with information about office space, social distancing and the performance of your specific place.

Now more than ever, culture is key. What are you doing to support the safety of your team?

From an office design and furniture perspective, we have been studying overall office layouts, how 6’ of separation looks, where the problem areas could be and strategies around an interim time of workplace dynamics. We have found that most furniture layouts in the open plan areas provide social spacing. Our life science workplaces have and continue to be very supportive of distancing as there is movement between lab and office, less dense square footage per person than let’s say a call center and more mobility in the workers.

With this, we are currently addressing meeting areas, conference rooms and how meetings will be supported in the short term.

If you have or want an evaluation of your workspace, please contact us. We will do a diagnostic and help you make sure your space performs and that you love where you work.