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Go Beyond Green: Drinking Water that is Better for You and Better for Our Planet

  • 2018-05-28
  • Author: Heather Ramsay

Pure Water Technology of San Diego is the leader in sustainable and health conscious drinking water systems. Our state of the art dispensers combine the latest technology and purification benefits to provide our customer with glass after glass of the freshest, most delicious, purified drinking water that is healthy for you and the planet.

Drinking water from Pure Water Technology water purification systems doesn’t subject our environment to the pollution that bottled water coolers do during their manufacturing and delivery processes. By replacing bottled water and old-fashioned filter coolers in your workplace with Pure Water Technology, you and your employees will enjoy pure, delicious, oxygenated drinking water that is better for you and better for our planet.

An all-inclusive workplace drinking water program that works better with your budget.

Pure Water Technology provides a simple rental program that includes all service, maintenance, filter changes and warranty. Your pricing is protected for a 60-month period. That means you don’t have to worry about any unanticipated increases to the cost of your workplace drinking water.

In most situations, our customers are spending less with our systems compared to bottled water – often saving over 30%! Pricing and savings can vary depending on the product model and the volume of water your workplace uses (because rental price includes all service and filters).

Click here to learn more about our simple rental programs and price protection. Biocom members can enjoy a free 1-week trial today!

More to love about the Pure Water Technology…

Cost Savings!
  • No increase in costs no matter how much water you use.
  • One low monthly payment includes all the service, maintenance, warranty and filter changes and unlimited water.
  • Price protection means your price will never increase regardless of water usage or inflation.
  • Single invoice – write just one check (per month or quarter).
  • Simple one price billing so no statements to reconcile.
  • No bottle deposits or delivery charges.
  • No more bottle changes and related labor costs.
  • No wasting precious floor or storage space with full/empty bottles.
Better Health!
  • Eliminates risk of microbiological contamination through activated oxygen.
  • Purified and oxygenated drinking water is hydrating by absorbing more efficiently into the body.
  • Tastes great which encourages people to drink glass after glass.
  • System is externally bio protected so bacteria and germs cannot grow on the outside of the unit.
  • No bottles to deal with.
  • Eliminates the hassle of running out of drinking water.
  • Smart technology alerts when filters need to be changed.
  • Self-cleaning units mean you don’t have to.
  • Fresh, healthy water on demand.
  • Delivers up to 80 Gallons of fresh, purified water a day.
Safety and Security!
  • Eliminates risk of injury from lifting 40-pound bottles.
  • Reduces risk of potential workers compensation claims.
  • Triple leak protection ensures no spill or leaks.
  • Internal and external bacteria and virus protection means you don’t have to worry if your water is safe and clean.
  • Eliminates bottle deliveries by individuals you don’t know.
  • Our technicians are background checked, trained and certified.
  • Enjoy drinking water that tastes every bit as good as it is good for you!

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Go Beyond Green: Drinking Water that is Better for You and Better for Our Planet
May 28th, 2018 – You hear it everywhere you turn these days: Go Green! Pure Water Technology of San Diego is the leader in sustainable drinking water systems. Check out the benefits and ROI of using a Purification System & start your free 1-week trial today!

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