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Deep Thoughts by Cultura #LoveWhereYouWork

  • 2021-04-01
  • Author: Maria Arriviello

Let’s just state it up front: Cultura is pro-office. We believe that businesses need offices. After a year of articles with titles ranging from “the office is dead” to “everyone is more productive at home,” we cannot state enthusiastically enough that your business needs an office.

To us, nothing says “people are cogs in machine” or “just another employee” more than the words "working from home is really productive." Working anywhere, including home, is something that brings us great joy for many reasons. Can't that be enough? Having a culture that supports working anywhere, including home, is essential, yet we keep reading over and over about how productive everyone is at home.

Your office brings your culture together, refreshes, reinvigorates and restores your people. If that is not happening, maybe you need help with your offices. That is what Cultura does: brings innovation and phenomenal business results by creating a place where your valuable talent loves to work. We did this for over 10,000 San Diegans in 2020 by designing and furnishing places where people work. Exploring why YOU need an office is an everyday thing for our team; is your older workforce content working from home while the younger employees want to completely revolutionize your offices? Do you think you want to explore hot desking/hoteling/shared desks to save money on real estate expenses? Do you find yourself “kicking the can” on your lease renewal? Are you struggling with those meetings that are a hybrid of virtual and in-person? If yes, we are here for you.

In a year of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, the intersection and support your business gives is on all levels. It is personal, as we found out this year when one of our employees asked that we not work with an organization that failed to uphold our morals. It is about learning your biases, being self-aware, open to learning, and pushing these issues into the workplace because it is your community and your obligation to do better. We measured our company race, age and gender against the community of San Diego (using the San Diego EDC data vault of information) and found that we do reflect the community that we serve. The Cultura 6-person leadership team is 100% women, represents age groups ranging from 25-58, and is 33% Hispanic.

Our richly diverse workforce is influential, inventive, impactful and dedicated. As a company, we offer unlimited PTO, snacks to- go, kombucha and beer on tap, you know the drill. All that and more… and what is that “more”? We boast a 99% employee engagement rate, a #1 Best Places to Work in San Diego 2019 award for the small employer category, and the 4th largest women owned business/7th largest minority owned business in San Diego (SDBJ). The results of this, put into a financial metric, show that Cultura grew 15% in an industry that was down 8% and paid bonuses and passed out profit sharing to every single person.

As a business based in designing and creating places where people love to work, attracting and retaining talent is the number one problem that Cultura addresses with our clients. Our alignment with Biocom California’s focus on attracting and retaining a talented life science workforce to the state is an easy answer to why we support their mission. A softer reason is that we learn so much by watching Joe Panetta, President and CEO, Rick Fultz, Sr. Vice President and Chief Business Officer, and the entire Biocom California entire team run a strong organization that is focused, reliable, and growing every day.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Biocom California and their members as we inspire positive change, turn dream ideas into reality, make experiences matter, and grow together. #LoveWhereYouWork

Anne Benge, Leader of the DEI CREW Taskforce, Member of the Biocom DEI Taskforce, Member Biocom Return to Work Taskforce for COVID-19

Cultura | Website: www.wearecultura.com | Instagram: @wearecultura