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Student Data Hackathon 2017

Our second annual Hackathon aims to inspire young people in the community to become tomorrow’s data analysts; a skill set that is in high demand by Biocom’s members. This year’s theme, Hackathon Heroes, the event encourages participants to use real data to ignite actionable change in the community by exploring data about our region’s schools. Hackers will search for trends and draw insights to shed light on the “health” of the education system in San Diego County.

Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate our data heroes of tomorrow. Join us on October 12th from 6-8pm for some networking and a presentation of the winners. Click here.


Data is everywhere. And when used correctly, data can be “hacked” to reveal important trends, patterns, and conclusions that have the potential to better shape the health and future of our community. Data analytics play an increasingly large role in the operations of Biocom’s member companies, who are creating more jobs every year in this field but struggle to find qualified candidates to fill them.

This year’s Biocom Institute Student Data Hackathon will convene student hackers to analyze a large data set compiled by the Voice of San Diego for their fall 2017 Parents Guide to Schools. The data set includes information about the 700 public schools in San Diego County. The goal is to identify insights that can lead to better decisions, better use of resources, and more equality of opportunity for students.

Attendees will compete for cash prizes and internships and leave with valuable experience using real-world data that is sure to inspire actionable results for our schools while also exposing students to opportunities for careers in various data professions. The San Diego Workforce Partnership is partnering to help elevate opportunities for data heroes, including internships and career pathway.

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