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Capital Development Programs for the Life Science Industry

Biocom Capital Development & Partnering

Biocom recognizes that life science companies need increased access to capital, but also understands that the environment for raising money to fund life science companies has never been tougher.

Through Biocom’s Capital Development & Partnering efforts, member companies seeking funding have access to a team of innovative capital development programs and committee members with the expertise to get them in front of investors to tap into various dynamic financing opportunities.

Programs, centered around Partner and Venture Days, aim to provide access to private and public money and strategic partnerships for members who can set themselves apart from the crowd and unequivocally demonstrate they have the expertise, team and assets to meet today’s stringent investment criteria.

Partner Days

The Partner Days program brings buyers and sellers together to discuss potential partnerships, licensing opportunities and mergers and acquisitions.

Biocom California’s Partner Days are a partnering and networking forum that brings together large pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device or diagnostic companies with early-stage companies, venture funds, academic and research institutes throughout California. The Partnering events include one-on-one company presentations, research and academic institution presentations, a plenary session, a networking reception and numerous opportunities for interaction.

The Biocom California Capital Development & Partnering Committee invites representatives from a pharmaceutical or large biotechnology company to attend a day of one-on-one meetings with pre-selected companies. Additionally, on the day of the meetings, members are invited to a networking event in which the presenting company is given the floor to talk about their mission, their various business units, and their partnering strategy.

Recent Partner Days Attendees:

Venture Days

Biocom California’s Venture Days are designed to connect early-to-mid stage companies in California with traditional and corporate Venture Capitalists from around the world. The venture events include one-on-one company meetings with select companies, based on investment criteria and therapeutic focus, as well as a Venture Roundtable where the VCs speak to their investment and partnering strategy.

How it works: 
Each event, organized by the Biocom Capital Development & Partnering Committee, features a small group of VCs that come to San Diego, Los Angeles, or the Bay Area for a day of one-on-one meetings with selected companies. Companies are selected by the participating VCs based on their investment criteria and scheduled for a meeting and presentation with the VCs and company executives.

Recent Venture Day Attendees:


Partner Days
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