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Biocom California has relationships with the following organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Members are invited to contact us if we can provide an introduction for you.

Strategic Partnerships

Biocom California has a strategic partnership with Australia’s premier national biotechnology organization, AusBiotech. Our mission with AusBiotech is to share agendas in areas of common interest, pool resources and expertise where appropriate, maximize impact through working in partnership and utilize existing networks to mutual advantage and benefit.

  • AusBiotech is Australia’s life sciences organization, working on behalf of members for more than 30 years to provide representation and services to promote the global growth of the Australian life sciences industry. AusBiotech is a well-connected network of over 3,000 members in the life sciences, including therapeutics, medical technology (devices and diagnostics), digital health, food technology and agricultural sectors. We have representation in each Australian state, providing a national network to support members and promote the commercialization of Australian life science in national and international marketplaces.
    • Headquarters:
      Level 3
      15 Queen Street
      Melbourne VIC 3001

Biocom California has strong ties to the bustling and innovative life science community in Japan. In addition to our office and staff in Tokyo, Biocom California partners with other Japanese life science associations.

  • Japan Bioindustry Association: JBA is the only organization in Japan that comprehensively promotes the development of bioscience, biotechnology and bioindustry through industry-academia-government collaboration. We have members in a wide range of fields such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food, cosmetics, chemicals, information, machinery, construction, companies related to resources and energy, universities, academic institutions, etc. Aiming to promote the industrialization of science and technology results, enhance the industrial base and strengthen international competitiveness, together with members, policy proposals / policy dialogue, advanced bio information provision, open innovation promotion, international network formation, bioindustry development infrastructure development We are carrying out activities for. 
    • Headquarters:
      Grand Devil 8th floor,
      2-26-9 Hatchobori,
      ku , Tokyo 104-0032 
  • Link-J (Life Science Innovation Network Japan): LINK-J is a general incorporated association based in Nihonbashi in Tokyo that supports the commercialization of seeds and ideas in the field of life sciences by promoting human and technology exchange. 
    • Headquarters: 
      2F Nihonbashi IT building,
      3-3-9 Nihonbashi muromachi,
      Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, Japan
  • City of Yokohama
  • City of Kobe 

Other Regional Partners