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Biocom California Membership Benefits – 200+ Employees

200+ Employees

Large companies are furnished with the opportunity to work with Biocom staff on federal, state and local issues while interacting with relevant elected and appointed officials and other industry groups to further the interests of our life science industry. Biocom produces a variety of strategic Partner Days to help large companies fill their pipelines, all while providing the maximum amount of visibility and exposure through our marketing channels.

Multi Stakeholder Connections

  • Invitation to CEO Dinners and Receptions
  • Invitation to quarterly CFO Speaker Series
  • Opportunity to attend quarterly Deal Makers Receptions
  • Involvement in therapeutic focused area events


  • Providing members with government advocacy at the local, state and federal levels
  • Opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with legislators through legislative roundtable series
  • Dedicated lobbyist in Sacramento
  • Dedicated lobbyist and office in Washington DC
  • Advocacy assistance with government agencies
  • Invitation to attend Sacramento and Washington DC lawmaker trips

Company Pipeline

  • Access to California companies and their technologies at our Partnering Conference and Strategic Partner Days
  • Facilitated one-on-one partnering meetings
  • Discounts to attend national and international conferences

Brand Exposure

  • Exposure to more than 100,000 life science professionals
  • International exposure through key Biocom partnerships
  • Company exposure through Biocom partnerships in national and international conferences
  • Opportunity to increase exposure to more than 75,000 members of the community through our Institute’s San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering

Workforce and Talent Development

  • Discounts offered on Lab to Leadership courses, Biotech Primer courses, 2Connect courses and executive education courses at UCSD’s Rady School of Management
  • Compensation survey complimentary to participating members
  • Opportunity for employees to inspire K-12 STEM students in the classroom
  • Opportunity for employees to become veteran mentors

Purchasing Group

  • Average annual savings up to $2,206,610*
  • Continual assessment for savings opportunities
  • Supplier relationship mitigation channel
  • Consultative resources for operational improvement and growth
  • Engagement across the supply chain continuum


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