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Biocom Member Perks Program

Program Overview

The Biocom Boost program gives employees of Biocom member companies access to exclusive discounts and benefits at many popular California businesses.

With a wide range of businesses to choose from, and new options added regularly, Biocom’s employee perks program delivers valuable savings to your employees all year round.

Boost Benefits

  • 20% off our black tag memberships, or our 10 class pack
  • Perks of being a black tag member: 5% off retail, free access to special events, 20% off programs ($500-$600)
  • All studios in San Diego, Los Angeles & Orange County

Boost Benefits

  • 20% off any smoothie at San Diego locations

Boost Benefits

  • 20% off memberships
  • 10% off venue fees (applicable during certain dates)

Boost Benefits

  • Year-round ticket discounts

Boost Benefits

  • Contact ARC for discount information.

To check out a full list of our Boost Providers and how to redeem, click here.