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You(r) Biocom

When You’re With Biocom – You Are Biocom

Welcome to You(r) Biocom: A Year-Long Campaign Aimed at Showcasing Member-Driven Programs that accelerate life science success.

July Feature: Accelerate

Your Biocom membership accelerates your goals by connecting you to innovative resources that drive California’s life science landscape forward.

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About You(r) Biocom 
For nearly 25 years, Biocom members have been instrumental in shaping transformative programming and powerful advocacy that enriches California’s leading life science industry. This year, we’ll be featuring some of our member-driven programs and initiatives that help researchers, investors and advocates alike in our mission to accelerate California’s largest, most innovative network of life science clusters in the world. Stay tuned every month for new ways to take advantage of your Biocom membership benefits.


Connecting members to member-driven resources

Your Biocom membership puts your people, your savings and California’s life science clusters on the cutting edge. As a trusted advisor and industry partner, Biocom Purchasing Group aims to accelerate life science success at the enterprise level. By leveraging innovative, member-driven strategic sourcing solutions that significantly lower the total cost of doing business, Biocom members collectively saved $150M in 2018, translating to an average savings of 15-25x their membership dues, while bringing even more ideas to market.

Biocom takes a member-first approach to all that we do. Members are always invited to participate on any of our 20+ statewide committees to inform everything from our savings portfolio to Artificial Intelligence initiatives. The expertise provided by member volunteers is instrumental in maintaining a competitive edge across all Biocom programming and creating thought leadership workshops most relevant to the needs of our membership.

Through Boost, Biocom’s Member Perks Program, employees of Biocom member companies receive access to exclusive discounts and benefits at many popular businesses statewide. With a wide range of businesses to choose from, and new options added regularly, Biocom’s employee perks program delivers valuable savings to your employees all year round.

Connect your team to capital solutions, new networks and tailored solutions across the state. Biocom’s Venture Days and Partner Days connect early-to-mid-stage members with venture capitalists and dynamic partners from around the world. One-on-one meetings and connections are based on investment criteria, focus areas and partnering strategies. Members are also encouraged to attend Venture Roundtables and Partner Plenary Sessions. Last year alone, our capital development programs facilitated 300+ connections to potential funding sources, partnerships, and M&A.

For professionals looking to expand their network, Biocom’s 1,200+ member organizations and 400,000+ employees in the Biocom network constantly offer new opportunities to connect. Accelerate your career trajectory through specialized events, life science trade targeted conferences, expert committees, leadership dinners, advocacy fly-ins, industry-focused meetings, scientific roundtables, venture capital days, and networking. Take advantage of a wide range of unique events by bookmarking our events calendar and signing up for our weekly Events Calendar newsletter.


Activating tomorrow’s leaders and today’s legislators

Biocom is consistently inspired by this industry’s relentless pursuit to improve the human condition. Through the Biocom Institute, we envision a community with a well-trained workforce for high-demand, high-skill, and high-earning jobs and provides meaningful workforce development programs to turn this vision into reality. Our long list of STEM Initiatives help expose students to STEM at an early age through firsthand experiences up and down the state. In April, Biocom Institute partnered with Mayor Eric Garcetti for Los Angeles’ first-ever STEM Signing Day to kick-off LA City of STEM. With more than 100 partners, celebrity speaker Bill Nye “The Science Guy”, musical and magic acts, panel discussions from experts in their fields, 8 mobile museums, and more than 5,000 attendees, the City of STEM made history for the second time by hosting LA’s largest Science Festival ever.

Biocom Institute has also been honored to engage the community with unique STEM volunteer opportunities for members, as well as give back to the community we serve. Last month, we participated in Ocean Discovery Institute’s hands-on habitat restoration activities in Manzanita Canyon in San Diego, part of the Biocom Gives Back program.

Biocom advocates for all our members across legislative, business and environmental matters to ensure a future that fosters innovation, informed by the very businesses and organizations shaping the next generation of life science breakthroughs. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized company, Biocom’s core advocacy efforts are designed to amplify your company’s influence at the federal, state, and local levels. We educate our policymakers on our industry’s needs, engage them as partners to advance policies that support research and innovation, and actively oppose legislation harmful to life science business.

Biocom’s policy team tracks the unique challenges presented by California’s three major life science clusters: San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area, as well as the state and federal bills that affect them. We also invite members to get involved with our efforts. Biocom successfully advocated for digital health innovation at our 2019 Washington, D.C. Fly-In in March. In addition to advocacy events, we invite members to get involved in our many policy-based committees.

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Uniting the state and showcasing success

As a Biocom member, you are part of the community helping to unite California’s efforts to improve the human condition, bringing together three top geographical regions for research and discovery. In the Bay Area, the birthplace of biotechnology, Biocom and our members have placed an emphasis on cluster-building to unite the nine counties and six life science micro-clusters. Biocom works with members as well as our Bay Area Advisory Committee to promote the industry and host targeted conferences, expert committees, industry-focused meetings, scientific roundtables, venture capital days and member-to-member networking events.

In Los Angeles, Biocom’s mission to unite and elevate the profile of LA’s life science industry has borne fruit over the past three years. In April, Biocom’s Executive Director, LA Office, Dina Lozofsky, was appointed to the BioLA Board of Directors. Dina, along with Biocom, will be instrumental in steering BioLA in their mission to work with research hospitals, trade associations, academic institutions, startups, mature companies, investors, and agencies to foster entrepreneurial capacity, economic growth, and pace of innovation within LA County.

Back at headquarters, Biocom’s 25-year roots in San Diego have provided a proven foundation for cluster-building and a continuing determination to migrate programming and initiatives through regional teams that help tailor those efforts to the needs of our members.

Biocom is proud to do our part in showcasing the impact of California’s world-leading innovation. California’s life science industry provides nearly 1.3 million jobs in the state, with economic activity generating a total of $346 billion in 2018. The state received more than $4.2B in NIH funding in fiscal year 2018. Biocom’s 2019 California Economic Impact Report provides key economic, demographic, and industry performance data and analysis for the life science industry in the state and selected sub-state regions.

We’re also honored to bring attention to the innovation our members are advancing in California. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Nall, CEO of Biocept, a San Diego-based pathology company. The interview is the third installment of our recently-launched Biocom Member Spotlight Series, which provides a digital platform for CEOs and industry leaders to share their breakthrough science and technology stories with our members. Read the full interview here.