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You(r) Biocom

When You’re With Biocom – You Are Biocom

Welcome to You(r) Biocom: A Year-Long Campaign Aimed at Showcasing Member-Driven Programs that accelerate life science success.

October Feature: Collaborate

Your Biocom membership makes you a part of a leading collaborative network of life science organizations.

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About You(r) Biocom 
For nearly 25 years, Biocom members have been instrumental in shaping transformative programming and powerful advocacy that enriches California’s leading life science industry. This year, we’ll be featuring some of our member-driven programs and initiatives that help researchers, investors and advocates alike in our mission to accelerate California’s largest, most innovative network of life science clusters in the world. Stay tuned every month for new ways to take advantage of your Biocom membership benefits.

Collaboration for Innovation

Planning for the future

Biocom’s 10th Annual Life Science HR Conference

Biocom’s most innovative events are guided by Planning Committees that set agenda topics and ensure the most important conversations are broached. Make connections at Biocom’s 10th Annual Life Science HR Conference this fall in San Diego (September 24-25), Los Angeles (October 2) and the Bay Area (October 10). This strategic-level conference, hosted in partnership with the LifeHR, is dedicated to professional executives in the life science human resource/organizational development industry. The objective is to provide a unique opportunity for attendees to engage and learn from thought leaders who are experts in the field of human resources and/or life science.

Biocom’s 4th Annual Big Data Summit

Planning Committees for events like our annual Big Data Summit are made up of members from leading companies within the vertical in focus. The Big Data Summit is an annual convergence of industry executives, bio-technologists and data scientists, dedicated to deploying emerging technologies within the life science industry as it relates to Big Data. Members discuss topics at the forefront of innovation in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, computational drug discovery, genomics, and MIoT through a blend of illuminating keynotes, dynamic panel discussions, and interactive use-case studies from life science organizations and best in class technology partners.

Regionally Focused for Statewide Success

Guided by the best

Biocom Board of Directors

At Biocom, accelerating California’s life science mission begins by first listening to its leaders. When you’re a member of Biocom, you receive access to programs and initiatives informed by a Board of Directors represented by dozens of the most experienced minds in our industry, holding VP or higher-level positions at innovative organizations.

Our Board plays a key role in advancing Biocom’s initiatives across the state to impact members in a way that empowers innovation and talent to thrive. California’s life science community is one of the deepest and most diverse in the world. As such, it is essential that our board includes new voices that address the most important issues in our advocacy. Biocom is always in search of men and women who can provide experience and leadership on the issues that will shape the next decade of life science in California.

Regional Advisory Boards

In addition to the Board of Directors, Biocom is lead by regional advisory boards in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The Advisory Boards are comprised of accomplished leaders with deep ties to the life science industry in their respective regions and help guide our strategic visions in those areas.

While we have a long track record of building and expanding life science throughout California, we rely heavily on our regional advisory boards in Los Angeles and the Bay Area to represent the needs of the many verticals of life science, as well as the micro-clusters, within each region.

Partnerships with Purpose

Strategic collaboration for a stronger industry

Industry Partnerships

Biocom has always strived to partner with organizations that provide innovative resources for California’s life science industry. This month provided another opportunity to do that by supporting the opening of BioLabs in Los Angeles. BioLabs provides lab and office space that enables life science entrepreneurs to work in research-ready spaces. Biocom was excited to work with Biolabs to promote Los Angeles’ budding life science community, which their new facility will help support. Biocom’s 2019 Economic Impact Report found Los Angeles provides 190,974 total jobs attributable to the life science industry and exported $9b in goods and services from the life science market in 2018.

International Collaboration

This month, team members from Biocom including CEO Joe Panetta are attending BioJapan, Asia’s premier partnering event for the global biotechnology industry. Biocom’s Japan connection, which includes our unique Japan Consulting program and office in Tokyo, helps members from both sides of the Pacific Rim navigate transpacific partnerships, identify viable technologies and organize meetings.

Biocom’s international history has also produced MOUs uniting California with many life science-rich regions, including Australia, the United Kingdom, France and China. In addition, partnerships with EuroBiomed and OneNucleus help open up new avenues for members seeking global connectivity.