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Welcome to You(r) Biocom: A Year-Long Campaign Aimed at Showcasing Member-Driven Programs that accelerate life science success.

December Feature: Impact

Your Biocom membership directly impacts life science innovation and collaboration in California.

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About You(r) Biocom 
For nearly 25 years, Biocom members have been instrumental in shaping transformative programming and powerful advocacy that enriches California’s leading life science industry. This year, we’ll be featuring some of our member-driven programs and initiatives that help researchers, investors and advocates alike in our mission to accelerate California’s largest, most innovative network of life science clusters in the world. Stay tuned every month for new ways to take advantage of your Biocom membership benefits.


Today’s innovators and tomorrow’s pioneers

Fourth Annual Catalyst Award Winners

This fall, Biocom recognized 10 winners of our annual Catalyst Awards – a platform created to honor the young leaders driving the future of healthcare forward. This group of individuals is comprised of scientists and entrepreneurs whose innovations include therapies engineered using a patient’s own cells, wearable devices that monitor our organs in real-time, radiation targeted right to the site of a tumor, and gene editing technologies that can reverse disease – among other trailblazing innovations. While each of these scientists and entrepreneurs is based in California, the impact of their technologies and medicines will be felt across the globe.

Biocom is proud to honor Catalyst Award winners from life science companies across the state. Winners from San Diego include individuals from Locana, Erasca and University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The Los Angeles-based winners come from Azora Therapeutics, University of Southern California (USC) and SOFIE. The Bay Area Catalyst Award winners are employees at GigaGen, Caribou Biosciences, Girihlet and PicnicHealth. All winners were announced in Biocom’s Fall Edition of LifeLines Magazine and honored during the Annual Celebration of Life Dinner on November 21st.

Annual Celebration of Life Dinner

Last month, Biocom hosted its Annual Celebration of Life Dinner in San Diego. The theme for this year’s Annual Dinner was “Imagine This,” inviting guests to bring their imaginations to celebrate life science achievements from the past year as well as set the stage for a limitless 2020.

Our keynote speaker, Gay Grossman, gave a moving address about receiving a genetic diagnosis for her daughter through whole genome sequencing after not having a diagnosis, or answers, for 15 years. Through stories like these, we are reminded that our members are at the heart of all we do. The Biocom staff was honored to turn the spotlight towards California’s life science leaders who work every day to make our community a place of imagination, innovation and collaboration.


Member-driven public policy

Meet the Inspectors Workshop

Last month’s Meet the Inspectors Workshop in San Diego was our third regional event of its kind this year. These workshops provide opportunities for members to impact their companies’ compliance and permitting processes by building relationships with regulatory agencies. The San Diego workshop featured representatives from several local agencies including the SD County Department of Environmental Health Hazardous Materials Division (CUPA), City of San Diego Fire and Stormwater inspectors, and the SD County Air Pollution Control District. The workshop covered topics including common violations seen during inspections and how to avoid them, as well as familiarizing inspectors with processes and facilities unique to the life science industry.

Biocom believes that policy and advocacy success begins with on-the-ground partnerships at the local level. Workshops like these provide an ideal forum for members to impact their own success by asking questions, sharing information, and facilitating compliance that are beneficial to an innovation-rich environment.

Unpacking “Foreign Reference Pricing Proposal H.R. 3”

This fall, Biocom co-released data analyzing the potential impact of the international reference pricing proposal in the H.R. 3 bill. The study found that the bill’s Medicare Part D reference pricing proposal would reduce the number of drugs brought to market by emerging California companies by 88% due to changed investor behavior. In addition, it would eliminate over 80,000 biotech research and development jobs nationwide, while reducing U.S. industry revenue by $358 billion over five years.

The study not only helped inform the public and elected officials on how California’s life science industry would be impacted by foreign reference pricing, it realized sentiments expressed by our own members. Biocom members are always invited to impact our public policy initiatives year-round by participating in any one of our policy-focused committees.


Setting the stage for a limitless 2020

2020 Global Partnering Conference

Biocom connects life science companies creating innovative technologies with the capital investors who seek them. We work with members at every stage of their business to achieve capital development and investment goals. Our annual Biocom Global Partnering Conference, held next year from February 25-27th, is no exception. In its 10th year, the 2020 Biocom Global Life Science Partnering Conference is an exclusive partnering forum that provides senior executives, bankers, venture capitalists and business development professionals from the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to network and do business with one another from around the globe. Whether you’re a small company seeking early funding, or a large company or investor looking to develop your technology, Biocom can connect you.

Impact Biocom’s 2020 Events

Biocom’s programming is the heartbeat of all that we do. We listen to our members and respond with opportunities to address their greatest needs through events, professional development opportunities and exposure across the world. We bring the life science community together to connect, share resources, and build an ecosystem that strengthens the industry as a whole. For nearly 25 years, Biocom members have been instrumental in shaping transformative programming that impacts California’s leading life science industry. Next year, we look forward to uniting the industry by keeping a pulse on emerging verticals and the next wave of innovation. Stay on top of an enriched set of programs and events in 2020 by subscribing to our weekly Events Newsletter here. We look forward to partnering with you next year and for many years to come.