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Your Biocom Showcase

Welcome to You(r) Biocom: A Year-Long Campaign Aimed at Showcasing Member-Driven Programs that accelerate life science success.

June Feature: Showcase

You(r) Biocom showcases the strides California is making towards life-changing solutions and the journeys our members endure to achieve them.

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About You(r) Biocom 
For nearly 25 years, Biocom members have been instrumental in shaping transformative programming and powerful advocacy that enriches California’s leading life science industry. This year, we’ll be featuring some of our member-driven programs and initiatives that help researchers, investors and advocates alike in our mission to accelerate California’s largest, most innovative network of life science clusters in the world. Stay tuned every month for new ways to take advantage of your Biocom membership benefits.


Showcasing statewide success

The 2019 Economic Impact Report

Biocom is very excited to announce the release of our 2019 Economic Impact Report this month, highlighting the incredible innovation occurring throughout the state of California, improving patients’ lives and driving economic growth. The report provides key economic, demographic, and industry performance data and analysis showcasing California’s life science industry as a major economic engine driving the pace of innovation across the nation. As the fifth-largest economy globally, California’s life science industry not only contributes greatly to the statewide market, but is growing strongly and steadily, with each region making its own unique and equally impactful mark.

“California’s life science industry has had not only an enormous impact on human health, but it has also had a widely-felt influence on the economy throughout the entire state,” said Christophe Schilling, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Genomatica and chair of Biocom’s board of directors. “The Economic Impact Report displays the ways that each of California’s distinct clusters is at the center of scientific innovation and progress, driving both the industry and the overall prosperity of the state forward.”

Did you know that California attracted $4.2B in NIH funding last year – the most research funding from National Institutes of Health out of any state in the country? Or that California’s life science industry provides nearly 1.3 million jobs in the state, with economic activity generating a total of $346 billion in 2018 alone? Check out the entire report to learn more about the collective innovative impact at www.biocom.org/eir/.

Biocom Member Spotlight Series

Biocom recently had the pleasure to sit down with Martha Lawrence, CEO and Co-Founder of AccendoWave; a machine learning pain measurement and pain management platform company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Martha was fresh off the heels of Biocom’s Connected Health Advocacy Fly-In for two days of high-level meetings with senior officials in some of Washington, D.C.’s most prestigious government institutions, and had just wrapped a company presentation at Biocom’s Kaiser Day at our headquarters in San Diego. Talk about a woman and a company on the move…

Biocom: We’ve been hearing AccendoWave’s name a lot in the Biocom network recently. Can you briefly explain your technology and its application?

Martha: AccendoWave is a machine learning technology that measures and helps manage pain through fullspectrum brain analysis, where we correlate brainwaves with your perception of pain or discomfort. Our strategic partners are Samsung and AT&T and we have the largest real-time database on pain with more than 40,000 patients who have used the technology in hospitals. There are three main channels we target: hospitals, biotech/ pharma, and data analytics.

To read the full interview visit https://www.biocom.org/corporate-newsletter/


Turning the spotlight on trailblazers

LifeLines Magazine and Member Spotlights

Biocom takes pride in the world-leading innovations made in California and is committed to showcasing the state’s successes, as well as the luminaries behind them. Our LifeLines magazine, published semi-annually, hands over the pen to members and invites them to share their journey with over 5,000 subscribers.

In addition, we’re launching an interview-style Member Spotlight series this month, offering a digital platform for CEOs and industry leaders to share their breakthrough science and technology stories with our members. Biocom’s team is out in the field interviewing subjects from various biotech, pharma and medical device verticals to share their paths, obstacles and critical learnings. The series offers an inside look at how to build a successful company, choose a focus area, and overcome funding and other potential roadblocks. It also offers insights into C-level trends, company cultures and why California continues to be a burgeoning region of life science innovation. Contact us to be featured in Biocom’s latest PR platform.

Capital Development Programs

It’s no secret that attracting investors continues to be one of the biggest obstacles in building and maintaining a successful life science venture. Biocom’s Capital Development team—known for providing turnkey opportunities for partnering and fundraising—also gives California’s three major regions a platform for attracting global interest. Events in all three regions regularly bring in large companies from around the world looking to fill their pipeline with promising partners, talent and technologies.

The Biocom Catalyst Awards, presented by Biocom and the San Diego Venture Group, opens nominations this month to up-and-coming academics, entrepreneurs, investors and leaders under the age of 40 in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. Honorees from the awards are featured in Biocom’s Fall LifeLines magazine issue and celebrated at a VIP awards reception attended by a diverse group of life science leaders. Nominate yourself or a leader you know at biocomcatalyst.org.


Building a true life science ecosystem

Attracting Dynamic CROs

Biocom’s established CRO initiative fosters a strong outsourcing community while identifying ways to attract CROs from around the world to support Biocom members. The initiative, driven by the Biocom CRO Committee, includes educational and networking events, community outreach and resources to assist Biocom members in navigating outsourcing challenges. In addition, CROs are showcased in a digital directory, helping members identify partners based on need, development stage and therapeutic area. Join us for a discussion with patient advocacy groups on designing adept patient-centric studies at “Designing Clinical Trials From the Patient’s Point of View” – hosted at Biocom’s San Diego office on June 18th.

High-quality Events

Biocom views our 200+ events as much more than just networking opportunities. Targeted events provide a platform for members to learn from other professionals, better understand industry trends and maximize their time with high-quality programs that get straight to the heart of issues that matter most to our industry. We pride ourselves on thoroughly vetting the content presented at our events to provide attendees with a trustworthy source of innovative ideas that benefit their own missions. Showcasing the best of the best also means we’re able to attract speakers and panels that seek out informed and engaged audiences. Biocom is regularly sought out as a globally-recognized platform for thought leaders to present, and we are honored to have hosted luminaries and leaders from around the world. Check our full slate of upcoming events across the state here.