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Digital Health – Biocom California Advocacy

Position Overview

Health care is at the cusp of a sector-wide transformation due in large part to the development of digital health technologies, from genomic testing and sequencing to mobile applications to remote patient monitoring. Advances in digital health have enhanced the efficiency of health care delivery, enabled better health care resource utilization, and improved patient outcomes across a wide spectrum of diseases. Digital health technologies often reduce the need to physically visit a doctor’s office or hospital, allowing patients to communicate with their physicians and receive and transmit health care information instantly in a home setting, thus containing costs, preventing the deterioration of conditions, reducing the frequency of visits to medical institutions, and ensuring the continuity of care. Digital health also empowers patients to be active participants in their health care decision-making process.

Biocom supports reimbursement policies that provide appropriate and inclusive coverage, coding, and payment for new technologies, platform-agnostic regulations of digital health technologies, increased use of electronic health records (EHRs) and patient-generated health data, as well as educational efforts to help patients, providers, and caregivers better understand the benefits and usage of digital health technologies and genomics, among others.

Biocom Policy Statements

  • Biocom Digital Health Principles – Download
  • Biocom 21st Century Cures Comments – Download
  • Biocom Remote Patient Monitoring Comments to Senate Finance Committee – Download
  • Multistakeholder Connected Health Comments to CMS – Download