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Land Use & Transportation – Biocom California Advocacy

Land for Life Sciences

Preserving Prime Industrial Lands (PIL) for manufacturing, research and development, and distribution is vital to regional long-term economic stability and encouragement of industry growth. Land zoning plans are created to provide space between industry and residential to avoid compatibility conflicts.

There is a slow erosion of prime industrial lands with by right “limited use” ministerial decisions and “discretionary” conditional use permit decisions by the Planning Commission and City Council, which allow incompatible land uses for new facilities or by extending the presence of existing incompatible uses in prime industrial areas. Since 2011, there have been several discretionary approvals which have removed PIL sites from the PIL land map.

Request: Support community plan updates that preserve Prime Industrial Lands, and prevent incompatible land uses by voting against collocated projects.

Permits and Inspections

Biocom supports efforts to make city and county permitting processes transparent and efficient. Inconsistent standards for inspections have been an ongoing issue for our members, and one that we have been working on with government staff for many years. We appreciate efforts to ensure inspections are done consistently and in collaboration with businesses. 

Biocom Policy Statements

  • Biocom Suppoprt for HMD Fee Proposal – Download

Regional Transportation

An efficient transportation system is an important part of business attraction and retention. Biocom supports a balanced approach to expansion of roadways and public transit to ensure that employees of our member companies have a variety of commuting options. We also work with elected officials to develop projects that alleviate traffic in areas where our member companies are concentrated.