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Water – Biocom California Advocacy

Access to Water

The Guaranteed Water for Industry Program was adopted by the San Diego City Council in 1998. The city recognized valuable industries such as manufacturing and Research and Development operations are significant water users, and, as these companies are leaders in the implementation of water conservation methods, they need assurances that their mitigation efforts will be taken into account when considering future mandatory conservation measures. This program provides that when such firms implement voluntary conservation measures, they can be exempted from mandatory Level 2 conservation measures in the event of a drought.

Request: The city could increase advertising for the Guaranteed Water for Industry Program, consider alternative measures before implementing mandatory shutoffs to businesses, and continue to support nontraditional water resources. 

Biocom Policy Statements

  • Biocom Water One-Pager – Download
  • Biocom Support for Urban Water Plan – Download
  • Biocom Support for Pure Water Prop 1 Funding – Download
  • Biocom Support for SDGE pipeline – Download

Storm Channel Maintenance

Flooding in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego threatens the business activities of several Biocom member companies, especially those along Roselle Street. Floods cause physical damage to businesses and result in lost revenue when workers are evacuated. Biocom is working closely with the City of San Diego to develop a long-term plan to alleviate flooding in Sorrento Valley, and to ensure that the city keeps storm channels clear of debris so water can drain freely.