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Public Policy Newsletter Article

As Election Day Looms, Government Continues, and So Does Biocom

  • 2020-10-22T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Jimmy Jackson

This will be the last Biocom Policy Newsletter before Election Day. Although the deadline has passed to register to vote online or by mail, you still can register if needed. California does allow for Election Day (conditional) registration, so if you need to register or re-register you may still do so by following the steps found here. Once you’re registered, we ask that you consider supporting the only ballot measure endorsed by Biocom, Proposition 14, which will extend California’s Stem Cell Research Institute Bond Initiative. No matter your views, your opinion counts, so please vote!

At the regional level, some California counties are seeing worrisome spikes in their COVID-19 metrics, while others are successfully changing their state reopening tier. These movements and trends and what they mean to each region is discussed in this summary. Meanwhile, we are specifically soliciting the input of Bay Area member Facilities and EH&S professionals to help us develop programming for upcoming COVID-19 roundtable discussions, which have been a popular way of sharing best practices during the pandemic. Please click here to participate in the survey.

On the federal side, it’s been a very active month, with well attended roundtable discussions with Congressman Harley Rouda of Orange County and Scott Peters of San Diego where Biocom members shared their concerns with the Congressmen. On October 1, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution which prevented a pre-election government shutdown and funded the federal government through December 11. Importantly, the rare pediatric priority review voucher program, which was due to expire September 30, was renewed through December 11 as well. It remains to be seen when or if this Congress will pass another COVID-19 economic assistance/recovery bill as negotiations continue.

In Sacramento news, legislation signed into law by Governor Newsom this year will force many life science companies to continue adjusting the composition of their boards of directors. We go through the cumulative effect of this bill regarding adding directors from underrepresented communities combined with a previous law to increase representation of women on corporate boards in this summary. These bills will require initial board changes by December 31, 2021. Newsom this week announced a state workgroup that will review all FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines for safety before they can be administered in California.