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Public Policy Newsletter Article

Bay Area Counties Face “Extreme Drought” Conditions

  • 2021-05-20T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Mitzy De La Peña Medina

Earlier this month, extended dry conditions and low snowpack led Governor Newsom to sign an executive order declaring a drought emergency in counties throughout the state, including Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, Sonoma, and Solano.

Most of the Bay Area water agencies are urging customers to reduce water use. The East Bay Municipal Utility District board declared a stage 1 drought and is asking customers to voluntarily reduce water use by 10 percent. Santa Clara Valley Water District's board doubled its advertising budget this summer to encourage people to lower water use by 25 percent from 2013 levels.

Marin is the only Bay Area County to impose restrictions on its customers, which include washing personal vehicles, power washing, overflowing gutters, watering grass on medians, and using potable water for cleaning.

Biocom California has historically opposed imposing cutback measures on life science facilities, which depend on constant, reliable access to water for sensitive research and manufacturing processes. We will keep our members updated on any further developments and cutback proposals.