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Public Policy Newsletter Article

Biocom CA Participates in Ongoing Community Conversations to Shape Future Development in South San Francisco

  • 2021-03-25T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Mitzy De La Peña Medina

The Shape SSF 2040 General Plan outlines future development of the life science industry in the city as part of their land use policy framework. The plan notes the importance of fostering coordination with the industry in future planning efforts and shaping zoning to attract emerging businesses to South San Francisco. As such, Biocom California, alongside members in South San Francisco, is participating in ongoing dialogues around the General Plan to give input on how the plan can achieve its objectives related to the life science industry.
The updated General Plan will provide long-range guidance for land use, growth, development, and other city issues such as open space conservation, affordable housing, and employment. Cities have the flexibility to include additional elements such as economic development, climate change, and social equity that address local needs. Once adopted by city officials, general plans will serve as a blueprint for a city's vision.

We encourage our South San Francisco members to provide input on the draft Shape SSF 2040 general plan by attending upcoming meetings or visiting the General Plan Update at SHAPESSF.COM. All feedback must be submitted by April 16th.