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Biocom California Engages Patient Groups on H.R.3 Advocacy

  • 2021-06-17T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Laure Fabrega

Biocom California continues to urge lawmakers to oppose H.R.3, price setting legislation introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Biocom has been working with patient groups to educate lawmakers about the negative impact of H.R.3 on innovation and patient access to medicines, both of which would ultimately hurt patients.

On May 26, Biocom hosted a webinar for legislative staff, “H.R.3 and Patient Access,” which shared the patient perspective’s on H.R.3, including how the bill would affect patients’ access to medicines, especially for older and sicker populations, and those with disabilities. We had a fantastic lineup of speakers, including Ana Torres-Davis, Senior Attorney Advisor, National Council on Disability; Michael Ward, Vice President of Public Policy, Alliance for Aging Research; Eric Gascho, Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs, ‎National Health Council; and Liz Helms, President & CEO, California Chronic Care Coalition. The recording is available here.

Biocom California’s Director of Federal Policy & Government Affairs, Laure Fabrega, was also invited to two separate webinars for patients groups and government entities to explain how H.R.3 would negatively impact innovation and patient care, including a webinar organized by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and a webinar hosted by the California Partnership for Access to Treatment (CPAT). Click here for a recording of the CPAT webinar.

Biocom California is actively opposing H.R.3 and co-commissioned an H.R.3 impact report conducted by the health economics firm Vital Transformation. Click here for our press release on the report. The data show that if H.R.3 had been in place over the past ten years, industry would have lost 50 percent of its revenue and California biotech companies would have produced 88 percent fewer drugs. We also have an action center to urge lawmakers to oppose H.R.3 Click here to view our action alert.