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Biocom California Policy Team Fights H.R.3; Regulations Change for Mask Wearing Across the State; State Budget is Passed Giving Regions Needed Funding

  • 2021-07-29T17:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Megan Waddell

The COVID-19 Delta variant continues to spread at an alarming rate and the CDC and California Department of Public Health are recommending all individuals to return to wearing masks indoors in public settings regardless of vaccination status. In LA County, a mask mandate was issued earlier this month requiring masks to be worn indoors. San Diego county and all Bay Area counties, except Solano, have issued a recommendation for indoor masking but have yet to make it required.

Lots of news coming out of the State Legislature as they head into Summer Recess. The $262.6B state budget was approved along with 50 trailer bills outlining the details of the spending plan. This massive budget allocates funding for many regional programs and developments. In San Diego, earmarked funding will advance the Pure Water program which Biocom California has long supported, and Mayor Todd Gloria announced his “Homes For All of Us” initiative aimed at making housing affordable for all San Diegans.

Finally, Biocom California policy staff continue to provide comments and feedback on legislation that impacts members. A special thank you to all the members who provided input on the important Cures 2.0 bill and enabled us to provide a comprehensive set of comments in response to the draft legislation aiming to make further improvements to our industry’s innovation ecosystem. We continue to fight against advancement of the price setting bill H.R.3 and have put together a reference page that we encourage members to utilize and join in urging Congress to oppose this devastating legislation.