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Public Policy Newsletter Article

Biocom California Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Legislation Fates Revealed

  • 2021-06-17T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Jimmy Jackson

Several bills actively supported or opposed by Biocom California were advanced out of their houses of origin prior to the June 4 deadline.

AB 347 (Arambula), supported by Biocom California, addresses the longstanding issue of patients accessing the therapies their clinicians think best for them by streamlining the process of “step therapy,” otherwise known as a “fail first” course of therapy where health plans require a patient to fail on less expensive drugs before receiving the therapies the patient’s clinician feels is best for them.

SB 252 (Wiener), which Biocom California (as part of a coalition of companies and associations) is opposing unless amendments are made, will ban toxicological testing on dogs and cats. Although the bill’s proponents claim it has a medical research exemption, that is only in cases where the FDA has specified canine or feline subjects in writing; a practice that is, in fact, exceptionally rare. The coalition has offered amendments which will allow proponents to achieve their stated goal without hampering legitimate medical research and drug development.

SB 718 (Bates), sponsored by Biocom California, would authorize the continuation of association health plans covering smaller companies such as Biocom’s Beyond Benefits program.

A full list of bills Biocom has taken a position on or is tracking can be found here.