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Biocom California Testifies at Berkeley Planning Commission on Bayer Master Plan Update and City Land Use Changes

  • 2021-06-17T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Mitzy De La Peña Medina

On June 2nd, Berkeley's Planning Commission held a public meeting to receive feedback on Bayer’s application to amend its development agreement, and to further consider changes to the city’s land use definition of Research and Development.

Bayer is seeking approval for a new 30-year master plan that would allow its Berkeley campus to expand biotech development and manufacturing activities. During public comment, Biocom California staff spoke about Bayer’s contributions to the local life science community and public assets and highlighted the range of job opportunities available at Bayer.

Commissioners agreed to proceed with the project’s current timeline and will move forward with a recommendation hearing in October.

Planning commissioners also held a second hearing of proposed changes to the city’s land use definition for research and development.

City staff shared the updated definition language, developed in partnership with the life science industry and community stakeholders. Biocom CA testified in support of the proposed definition by noting the changing nature of the industry and the need to expand definitions to allow for supportive office space in lab areas.

Commissioners expressed their support for the additional community outreach and updated definition, and plan to have a final vote on the changes at their next meeting.

If you’d like more information about these changes or wish to provide feedback, contact Mitzy De La Peña Medina.