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Public Policy Newsletter Article

Biocom Proposals for Life Science Amenities, Banner District Head to San Diego City Council

  • 2019-12-18T04:21:00.000+0000
  • San Diego
  • Author: Melanie Cohn

Biocom has worked closely with our members in San Diego on two projects that are being considered by San Diego City Council in December and January. First, our proposed update to the city’s Land Development Code will allow for the building of accessory amenities that serve life science developments in a way that preserves the industrial nature of current zones.

Building projects in the life science industry have been moving away from purely industrial towards more “campus” like developments. In order to attract and retain talent in San Diego, life science developers must offer on-site or adjacent amenities such as restaurants, gym facilities, groceries, and convenience sales. This proposal, which was given final approval by council on December 17th, will allow these uses up to a limited percentage of square feet in life science buildings.

Next, Biocom is spearheading a life science banner district along North Torrey Pines Road to highlight the life science industry’s contributions to the region. We have worked with Council President Pro Tem Bry’s office (she represents this area) and the city Office of Economic Development to identify locations for the banners, which will be changed out quarterly. Over 50 of these banner districts exist throughout the city, and we are excited to use this tool to showcase San Diego’s unique companies and research institutions. Council will vote to ratify the district in January, at which time we will move forward with this project.