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Public Policy Newsletter Article

COVID-19 Facilities and EH&S Sessions: Members Share the Latest Safety Measures and Tools

  • 2020-05-21T15:00:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Melanie Cohn

On April 28th, 200 Biocom members joined a virtual session for Facilities and Environmental Health & Safety professionals on current COVID-19 protocols and preparing for reopening. Biocom’s CEO Joe Panetta provided welcoming remarks, followed by a public health update from Stanford Medicine Dr. Bryan Sloane. Dr. Sloane talked about infection rates of COVID-19, screening tools and their efficacy, and social distancing guidelines from a health provider perspective.

ACT Environmental went on to engage with the audience about their current cleaning and sanitization protocols, temperature checking procedures for employees, and use of PPE. Tony Spearing from Thermo Fisher Scientific addressed the supply chain as it relates to the availability of PPE, and their efforts to mass produce COVID-19 tests.

Subsequently, on May 15th, Biocom hosted the fourth in our series of roundtable discussions for Environmental Health & Safety managers in the San Diego area. These round robin sessions have been held throughout the pandemic for EH&S staff to share their current protocols and plan for reopening. They also share how they are adapting to the most recent public health orders.

For professionals working in the Facilities and EH&S fields, sharing the most up to date information on internal company processes can prove invaluable. We are grateful to provide a platform for these sessions. For COVID-19 tools for life science Facilities and EH&S professionals, please contact Melanie Cohn.