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Public Policy Newsletter Article

Proposition E Would Limit Future Office Growth in San Francisco

  • 2020-01-23T16:00:00.000+0000
  • Bay Area
  • Author: Melanie Cohn

On the March primary ballot, San Francisco voters will consider a measure to restrict future office development if San Francisco fails to meet state-mandated affordable housing goals.

Building of office space in San Francisco is already capped thanks to another ballot measure from 1986. Proposition E would further lower the amount of office space that could be approved by a percentage equal to the city’s shortfall in approving affordable housing development. Under this new accounting, in any year that the city fails to live up to its state-mandated obligation to approve new affordable housing, the legal cap on new office space would be lowered by the same degree. So, a miss on housing would mean a proportionate dip in new office space.

The measure was sponsored by SoMa nonprofit and affordable housing manager Todco. Contact Melanie Cohn for more information and to share any concerns about the ballot measure.