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Public Policy Newsletter Article

Recap: Biocom California Holds First Bay Area Policy Committee Meeting of 2021

  • 2021-03-25T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Mitzy De La Peña Medina

On March 23rd, Biocom California's policy team brought members together to update them on ongoing policy initiatives impacting the life science industry throughout the region and provide a platform to gather feedback.

The meeting commenced with introductions by both members and Biocom CA staff. The policy team then gave an update on ongoing COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts and each county's reopening status based on the state's Blueprint for a Safer Economy.

Biocom CA’s consultant, California Strategies, provided members with an analysis of San Francisco's current political climate. They also discussed multiple challenges facing the sector in the city, such as land use restrictions and permitting challenges.

The discussion then turned to proposed increases to impact fees in the East Bay, “reach codes” that have been implemented or proposed in multiple jurisdictions, and zoning codes that restrict companies from locating offices or amenities near their R&D facilities. Lastly, members heard updates on several municipal transportation projects being planned on the peninsula.

Lastly, the group discussed future plans for the committee, including meeting topics, schedules, and co-chairs.

Biocom CA appreciates all members who joined and participated during this first meeting.

To learn more about Bay Area policy committees, or to join our communication lists, please contact Mitzy De La Peña Medina.