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San Diego Convention Center Expansion Headed for Court Decision

  • 2021-06-17T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Melanie Cohn

On June 4th, the City of San Diego filed a lawsuit in Superior Court to confirm that last year’s Measure C to fund an expanded convention center, homeless services, and road repairs passed with a simple majority.

The measure fell short of the two-thirds majority voters at the time were told was needed for approval. That requirement, argues the city, is no longer valid following three appellate court decisions that have concluded simple majority approval is adequate when a tax hike is placed on the ballot by citizens, which was the case with Measure C.

The proposition sought to raise the city’s 10.5 percent hotel tax to as much as 13.75 percent, which was expected to raise close to $7 billion to finance the three civic initiatives.

The nonprofit organization Alliance San Diego filed an opposing lawsuit to declare that the council action was unlawful and to order the city to rescind its resolution declaring that Measure C passed.

While it’s unclear when there might be a ruling, the city expects an answer within six months to a year. Mayor Todd Gloria has favored moving forward to secure a legal ruling confirming that Measure C was approved.