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Public Policy Newsletter Article

State Legislature Begins Hearing Legislation, Biocom California Weighs In

  • 2021-04-22T15:00:00.000+0000
  • Author: Jimmy Jackson

Many bills Biocom California is actively advocating for or against have started progressing through the legislative process. AB 347 (Arambula) addresses the longstanding issue of patients accessing the therapies their clinicians think best for them by streamlining the process of “step therapy,” otherwise known as a “fail first” course of therapy where health plans require a patient to fail on less expensive drugs before receiving the therapies the patient’s clinician feels is best for them. Biocom California supports this bill, which passed the Assembly Health Committee on 4/7.

SB 605 (Eggman) would require medical device companies to make available to both owners of the powered medical equipment and independent repair providers (who are not required to be certified or licensed), “any documentation, parts, and tools needed for purposes of inspection, diagnosis, maintenance, or repair of powered medical equipment. The bill, whose scope has been narrowed to equipment in hospitals, nonetheless would allow untrained persons to “repair” highly sensitive medical equipment used on unwitting patients. Biocom California is part of a broad coalition opposing this bill. Unfortunately, this bill was voted out of the Senate Health Committee on 4/14.

A full list of bills Biocom has taken a position on or is tracking can be found here.