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Biocom California Your Move

Your Blueprint for Success

How it works

Whether you are planning a move, expansion or reconfiguration of your facility, Biocom can help you save valuable time and money through its portfolio of vetted suppliers specialized in your unique life science needs. From decommissioning existing labs to setting up news ones, designing innovative workspaces, sourcing furniture, establishing IT systems and the technologies that will power them, Biocom is your one stop shop for a successful move.

Let us know when you are in the process of planning your next move and we will connect you with best in class providers, offering bulk discounts and unique Biocom member only value added services to facilitate your transition.

Suppliers included in this program:

  • Airgas
  • Alexander’s Mobility Services
  • BioSurplus
  • Cultura
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Office Depot
  • Pure Water Technology of San Diego
  • Sharp Business Systems
  • Shred-it
  • UniFirst
  • Veolia

Helpful tips for Biocom members going through a move:

Less is more. Minimize the amount of materials to be moved! Don’t move more than you need! This includes outdated or broken equipment, chemical, biological, or radioactive supplies and materials. Now is a good time to take stock and pare down. Properly dispose of your decontaminated surplus equipment through the Division of Personal Property Services. Consider using shared resources databases. These online databases facilitate the exchange of research and office resources among intramural research labs and other NIH offices. Items such as laboratory equipment, chemicals, plastic ware, glassware, and office supplies may be listed and made available through BioSurplus.

Don’t move waste materials on your own. All waste must be properly disposed of prior to the move. Never dispose of hazardous chemical, biological, or radioactive wastes down the sink, in regular trash, or in the disposable labware or broken glass containers. Also, do not take any waste containers, even empty ones, to your new location. Consult the NIH Waste Disposal Guide which provides guidance on safe packaging and disposal procedures for chemical, radioactive, medical pathological waste (MPW), multi-hazardous waste, and general wastes, or contact your local Veolia representative.

Pack safely. Read the Moving Your Lab Safely Guide before you begin to pack and move. Budget your time. Rushing often leads to injuries or property damage, so leave enough time to accomplish all the tasks needed. Cardboard boxes for packaging equipment, books, and supplies are available from Alexander’s Mobility Services. Only use filament reinforced tape to assemble boxes. Other types of tape (cellophane, masking, or autoclave tape) are not strong enough to properly secure boxes. Always wear your personal protective equipment and appropriate protective clothing. Work with a buddy. Do not work alone! Do not store in the hallways or other public areas any materials, boxes, or equipment associated with your move. This creates a fire hazard. If you are unsure about anything, ASK! Call your Safety Specialist at DOHS.

Estimated Timeline

When you find out you’re moving:

  • Call relocation services: Alexander’s Mobility Services
  • Contact Chemical Move Services: Veolia, Fisher Scientific
  • Contact workplace planning & decorating for new space: Cultura
  • Engage Sharp Business Systems for new space A/V layout

8 weeks prior to moving:

  • Set up drinking water systems in new space: Pure Water Technology San Diego
  • Alert Airgas to come and properly move tanks

6 weeks prior to moving:

  • Consult Veolia for decontamination procedures
  • Contact UniFirst to alert new delivery procedure for lab garments

4 weeks prior to move:

  • Divide chemical inventory, consult Fisher Scientific
  • Secure document destruction with Shred-it
  • Offload any used lab equipment with BioSurplus

2 weeks prior to move:

  • Contact Office Depot for new business cards, office supplies, etc.


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