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HR/Finance Suite


Attracting top talent starts with building a business that people want to be part of, and there are no shortages of those among our Biocom member companies. Bringing the right people on board is important for any business, and in an industry measured by innovation and improving the human condition, attracting & retaining talent is a concentrated focus we hear with our members.

You don’t need a lot of people when you have a lot of talent & a magnetic employment brand. With Biocom, members have the added benefit of receiving exclusive discounts to competitive employee benefits packages, robust retirement plans, culture curators, professional development courses, networking opportunities & individual member perks. Employees want to feel valued and know that at the end of the day, they’ve made a difference. Build an exciting company. Then give people a reason to stay with the Biocom HR Network of resources. 

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Suppliers in this Suite:


  • Preferred, low rates and security advantages of a large group year after year
  • Choice, flexibility and efficiency in plans
  • Several rich benefit plan designs to select from, offered by best-in-class-insurers
  • Superior customer service and value-added resources
  • Simplified administration – one invoice and one contact for all plans with the Trust



  • Comprehensive risk management solution designed for life science and medical device companies
  • Exclusive access to the highest quality insurance coverage and pre-negotiated premium savings
  • Designed to benefit start-ups through large, publically traded organizations
  • D&O, Employment Practices, Cyber/Data Breach and Workers Comp


  • Exclusive program rates for Biocom members.
  • Cancer Guardian™ participants receive immediate access to a hereditary genetic screening test upon enrollment in the program at no cost to Biocom members.
  • Cancer Guardian Support line for any cancer-related questions available to employees and family members at any time.
  • Advanced DNA testing at the time of a cancer diagnosis to ensure confirmation of the cancer and determination of the most effective options, including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trials.
  • A dedicated Cancer Support Specialist (CSS) will be assigned upon reporting a cancer diagnosis.
  • Program membership includes a Second Opinion Pathology review for confirmation of cancer pathology.
  • Access to a proprietary digital medical records storage platform for a secure medical data storage method upon enrollment – does not require a cancer diagnosis to utilize this valuable service.



  • Cost-effective risk management and insurance protection tailored to the unique needs of life science industry
  • Customized property & casualty, product liability, clinical trial liability, errors and omissions liability and professional liability insurance
  • Stability of the largest property casualty insurer to the life sciences industry
  • Low minimum premiums for early stage companies
  • Dedicated loss control and claims specialists for Biocom members



  • Independent and unbiased services – complete RFP process gives you a choice of several top 401k providers
  • Save substantial money on start-up and annual costs
  • Receive RDNA Fiscal 411 – WorkInvest, a robust employee financial education service customized for the objectives of your employees
  • Access over 3,000 investment options from 100+ mutual fund companies – detailed fund selection, ongoing screening and monitoring provided
  • Obtain incredible service and the iQ Benefits Webcenter, a free employee benefits portal
  • Get a complimentary Retirement Plan Audit to assess your current plan’s competitiveness and compliance with all of the recent fiduciary regulatory mandates ($2,500 value)


“”It’s been a terrific program. Our employees really like it. Our costs went down year over year, which is the first time in my history that I have seen costs go down in the benefits industry. It’s been great. We had record sign ups. We had 32 out of 35 people sign up this year””
Will Ater, CFO, Sente, Inc.

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