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Industrial Gas Supply Discounts for life science industry


Airgas for the Life Sciences takes great pride in being the only cryogenic gas supplier that provides truly comprehensive product and service solutions for your cold storage and gas supply requirements.

Airgas for the Life Sciences is your authorized cryo-storage freezer distributor for both Chart/MVE and Taylor-Wharton sales and leasing, maintenance services provider and overall cold-storage risk-mitigation partner.

Contact Airgas for Airgas brand cylinder regulators and manifolds and on-site bulk and micro-bulk gas systems. Airgas also has a complete line of refrigerants and laboratory safety products. Take advantage of the bioscience industry-leading expert in cryo-storage equipment and support for the life sciences: Airgas.

Biocom California Member Benefits

  • Discounts on gases, equipment and dry ice ($0.25- $0.72 per pound)
  • Free customized web-based ordering and cylinder management system.
  • Safety training and equipment demonstrations.
  • An extensive local network of ISO certified specialty and medical gas laboratories.
  • Same-day shipping on most Airgas equipment orders at no extra cost.

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