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Beyond Benefits

Beyond Benefits

The Premier Health Plan for Large Life Science Employers

With the healthcare landscape continually evolving, many employers need a solution to mitigate rising employee benefits rates. And, that is exactly what the Beyond Benefits Trust does! In partnership with Marsh & McLennan Agency, the Beyond Benefits Trust empowers Biocom members with more than 100 employees to come together as a unified entity to access richer benefit plans at a lower price point.

With nearly 300 life science companies and over 27,000 covered lives, not only does the Beyond Benefits Trust provide premier benefits at affordable rates, but it allows employers to attract key talent and protect their bottom line. Compared to market trend rate increases reaching up to 12%, Beyond Benefit’s 5% average renewal increase since 2012 is well below what employers experience outside the Trust.


Biocom Member Benefits

  • Preferred, low rates and security advantages of a large group year after year
  • Choice, flexibility and efficiency in plans
  • Several rich benefit plan designs to select from, offered by best-in-class-insurers
  • Superior customer service and value-added resources
  • Simplified administration – one invoice and one contact for all plans with the Trust

Power up your savings

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