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Workplace Cancer Screening Benefits Employees by Biocom California

Cancer Guardian™

Cancer Guardian™ is an innovative, high-touch support program from Genomic Life™ that empowers an individual to proactively identify their genetic risk for cancer and address the challenges presented when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Guardian by Genomic Life is a membership program, not insurance, and as such, the services provided require no deductibles, co-pays, denials, waiting, or additional out-of-pocket expense. It also solves the problem of awareness, access, and affordability to services to provide comprehensive cancer support. This program provides members with clinical-grade genomic testing needed to navigate cancer effectively, while improving chances for survival.

Membership provides dedicated oncology nurses who personalize a suite of services to help prevent and manage cancer, specifically insights and decision support regarding diagnosis, treatment options, and cancer support resources.

Enrollees and their immediate family members now have access to the following feature-rich services:

  • Advanced DNA Testing
    Members receive immediate access to hereditary genetic screening upon enrollment in the program. This knowledge allows you to understand your genetic risk for developing hereditary cancers, heart disease, and other conditions. Additionally, members who are diagnosed with cancer, after enrolling in the program, receive access to Comprehensive Genomic Profiling of their cancer to help identify the best course of treatment and provide the information necessary for enrollment in clinical trials for advanced cancer therapeutics.
  • Comprehensive Cancer Support
    If diagnosed with cancer, Cancer Guardian provides comprehensive genomic profiling that analyzes more than 300 cancer-related genes in the tumor, helping to inform treatment and clinical trial eligibility. Oncology nurses help members navigate the healthcare system and access resources not readily available through traditional channels.
  • Navigation Technology
    Cancer Guardian Oncology Nurse Navigators provide white-glove support utilizing the following platforms:
  • Medical Records Platform This technology gives a member access to a secure, cloud-based solution for storing and transmitting medical records for any condition at any time.
  • Clinical Trial Explorer A member can obtain an up-to-the-minute, personalized clinical trial search and receive guidance regarding eligibility and support for enrollment.
  • Financial Navigation The Oncology Nurse Navigator leverages state of the art technology to estimate out-of-pocket costs, research benefit and financial support programs, help the member apply for financial aid, and advocate when payors inappropriately deny claims.

Biocom California Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive program rates for Biocom California members.
  • Cancer Guardian™ participants receive immediate access to a hereditary genetic screening test upon enrollment in the program at no cost to Biocom California members.
  • Cancer Guardian Support line for any cancer-related questions available to employees and family members at any time.
  • Advanced DNA testing at the time of a cancer diagnosis to ensure confirmation of the cancer and determination of the most effective options, including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trials.
  • A dedicated Cancer Support Specialist (CSS) will be assigned upon reporting a cancer diagnosis.
  • Program membership includes a Second Opinion Pathology review for confirmation of cancer pathology.
  • Access to a proprietary digital medical records storage platform for a secure medical data storage method upon enrollment – does not require a cancer diagnosis to utilize this valuable service.

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