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Life Science & Biotech Managed IT Services & Support


centrexIT is their client’s trusted IT strategic partner, empowering life science clients to achieve their goals while providing the best possible business outcomes and experiences. Simultaneously, centrexIT protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data and intellectual property. With an embodied Culture of Care, centrexIT doesn’t just provide IT Services, they inherently care about each client and what they’re trying to achieve.

Their proactive and process-focused support emphasizes discovering and solving potential issues before they become problems and are the cornerstone of centrexIT’s High Performance IT delivery. Their friendly and responsive service assures customers we’re partnering with them at every step. The centrexIT team is a group of some of the most committed, skilled, and fun people to work with in the IT industry.

Biocom California Member Benefits

  • Discounted rates for IT and Cybersecurity services
  • Discounted rates for cloud & project labor services
  • IT satisfaction delivered whether your company is a startup, in Discovery, Phase 3, or commercial production of healthcare products
  • Discounted risk assessments
  • Discounted rates on dedicated staffing for on-site support
  • Discounted rates on hardware procurement with preferred suppliers

“centrexIT helped us prepare our infrastructure to effectively and quickly ramp-up when we received our funding. We now have a solid IT roadmap, budget, and strategy we are confident will support the rapid growth we are experiencing.”

Feng Cao, COO, AltheaDx

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