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Life Science Insurance tailored to Biotech Industry


The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies (“Chubb”) have been providing cost-effective risk management and insurance protection tailored to the unique requirements of life science companies for over 25 years.

Chubb’s insurance professionals specialize in the life science market; they understand the issues and develop solutions for unique insurance needs. Through a partnership with BIO, Chubb offers Property & Casualty Insurance, Clinical Trials Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance, Products Liability & Professional Liability Insurance to all Biocom member companies.

Biocom California Member Benefits

  • Cost-effective risk management and insurance protection tailored to the unique needs of life science industry
  • Customized property & casualty, product liability, clinical trial liability, errors and omissions liability and professional liability insurance
  • Stability of the largest property casualty insurer to the life sciences industry
  • Low minimum premiums for early stage companies
  • Dedicated loss control and claims specialists for Biocom California members

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