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We create places where people love to work, live, learn and play. We’re curators of culture. We’re influencers of innovation. We’re designers of detail. We’re purveyors of place. Together, we create great things.

Formerly known as Unisource Solutions, Cultura is one of the leading furniture management and facilities services companies in California. Our strong track record of success, financial stability and diverse array of products and services make us uniquely qualified to serve all of your workplace needs. Cultura’s high customer retention rate, which is unparalleled in our industry, proves it.

We’ve partnered with more than 300 companies to build spaces together that support their businesses, people and ultimately culture, since 2009. We’re passionate about our community. We believe the best way to support our community is through our active roles in serving as members, sponsors, committee-level participants and board-seat holders for these organizations that help California and its industries thrive.

We are a family. We are unique in our industry because we think differently. We love where we work, and we do work we love. We live for making our clients happy. Our energy is infectious. We have potluck Fridays, and we like to eat lunch together. Our clients love us. We do really good work. Our business is built on referrals. We love a good challenge.

Biocom Member Benefits

  • Best in class furniture lines
  • 80+% discounts on Haworth primary systems furniture
  • Huge discounts off other core Haworth product lines and ancillary brand products
  • No charge services (planning, design and project management) with new furniture purchase
  • Discounted labor rates + favorable payment terms

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