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Divvy – Spend & Expense Management Platform for Business


New to the Biocom Purchasing Group portfolio of savings is Divvy: the leading spend and expense management platform for business.

Divvy’s software is fused with a smart corporate card to provide instant visibility to and control of companywide spending. With Divvy, employers can give employees access to funds, effectively eliminating expense reports and retroactive reimbursements.

No personal guarantee or security deposits needed, Divvy can underwrite based on your cash in the bank and the value of your company, giving you higher limits than traditional corporate cards. Complete an application in 10 minutes and be ready to start spending in days.

Biocom California Member Benefits

  • Specialized rewards program. Earn up to 3x points on lab supplies, 7x on restaurants, 5x on hotels, and 1x on everything else through Biocom’s exclusive savings program. Use your points for statement credit, travel, gift cards, or cash back.
  • Personalized implementation and support. Rest easy knowing you have a designated implementation consultant to provide training and support whenever you need it.
  • Access to Divvy Premium. Gain access to Divvy’s premium features like Reimbursements, Vendor Management, Divvy Capital, and more.
  • No founder liability. No personal guarantee or security deposits needed for underwriting.

Additional Resources

November 5 | Achieving Financial Wellness with Budgeting and Visibility: A Divvy Case Study
See how real time insight into all company spending activity and the elimination of previously manual processes enabled Noom to streamline corporate spending habits with Divvy.

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October 29 | Rethinking Corporate Spending: How Enforceable Budgets Keep Spending In Check
Does your organization have employees who spend first and ask questions later? Is it difficult to determine if you’ve stayed in budget in real time? Is absolute adherence to a budget an absolute pipe dream? Learn how companies who experience the same problems are solving the problem and regaining control of their corporate spending habits with enforceable budgets through Divvy.

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October 22 | How CFOs Are Rethinking Status Quo Processes with Modern FinTech
Join Biocom and Divvy for the first installment of our Webinar Series: How CFOs Are Rethinking Status Quo Processes with Modern FinTech. Now more than ever, CFOs are tasked with proactively innovating on the way their company manages finances and spending behavior. Learn how CFOs are rethinking status quo processes by turning to cutting edge FinTech to optimize their operations and minimize costs.

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“Divvy is what employees want and what corporate needs. My favorite thing about Divvy so far is a toss up between the friendly customer service and its friendly user interface. I also love saving time on manual data entry with the seamless QuickBooks integration, as well as the ability to customize required fields for transactions.”
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