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Galleri by GRAIL

Galleri by GRAIL

GRAIL is a healthcare company focused on saving lives and improving health by pioneering new technologies for early cancer detection, beginning with Galleri, GRAIL’s first-of-its kind multi-cancer early detection test anticipated to launch in 2021. In clinical studies, the test has demonstrated the ability to detect more than 50 types of cancers – over 45 of which lack recommended screening today – through a simple blood draw.

The Galleri test is a simple blood draw similar to what one would experience at their annual physical. The technology takes advantage of a known biology of cells. Tumors shed cell-free DNA, or cfDNA, into our blood plasma. This cfDNA carries signals specific to cancer. The signal is also unique by cancer type, allowing us to not only detect cancer’s existence in the body but also help identify where it is in the body.

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